Garage Door Problems: Learn to Recognize ThemGarage Door Problems: Learn to Recognize Them

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Garage Door Problems: Learn to Recognize Them

If your garage door squeaks, you might think it's nothing to worry about. However, a squeaky garage door can be dangerous, especially if it falls. A year ago, my garage door began to squeak whenever I opened and closed it. I ignored the problem and continued to use the door. One day, the door collapsed on my car as I backed out of my garage. Although my car sustained a lot of damage, I was very thankful to be alive. I contacted a garage door specialist the same day. The contractor informed me that my door's springs had given out. After the repairs, the contractor offered sound advice on how to recognize problems in my garage door and what to do about them. I started this blog to help other homeowners stay safe as well. Please, don't ignore your garage's problem, even if it's small.


Garage Door Problems To Have Fixed For Optimal Performance

Your garage door system can have a number of problems that eventually lead to a system failure. When you pay attention to small problems with your garage door, these should be fixed before your system stops working completely. If you have a door that doesn't stay in the open position or one that changes direction midstream, it's important to have your garage door system inspected and repaired as needed. Issues with the tension springs, loose brackets, or debris in the tracks should all be managed by a garage door technician who can make repairs safely. If you notice your opener straining, or you can't get your door to work properly, it's time to call for a garage door repair.

Tension Springs are Loose

When you have loose tension springs, this can cause strain on your opener when it is running. It is not safe to adjust your tension springs, as these are tightly wound coils that can snap if they are adjusted incorrectly. If your garage door doesn't stay in the open position, the springs may not be able to hold the weight of the door. Call for a technician to adjust or replace tension springs as needed.

Track Brackets Fell Off

You might find brackets on the ground that become loose because of the vibration when your door opens and closes. If you find brackets on the ground, you can replace the brackets, or put them back yourself if you can reach. Keep the tracks in place by installing the correct brackets to hold your tracks.

The Opener Takes Too Long

If it takes too long for your opener to open your garage door, this can be due to a failing opener, loose tension springs, or a combination of both problems. You may need to have the opener replaced, or your tension springs adjusted to allow the opener to work properly.

The Garage Door Changes Direction

When a garage door changes direction, this can be caused by debris in the tracks, a missing bracket, or something in the way making it impossible for the door to continue progress. You can make sure the tracks are clear, and look for any missing brackets to have them replaced.

If your garage door is not functioning properly, it's time to have a technician come and check out what is going on. Get your garage door repaired, and keep your system running well.

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