Garage Door Problems: Learn to Recognize ThemGarage Door Problems: Learn to Recognize Them

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Garage Door Problems: Learn to Recognize Them

If your garage door squeaks, you might think it's nothing to worry about. However, a squeaky garage door can be dangerous, especially if it falls. A year ago, my garage door began to squeak whenever I opened and closed it. I ignored the problem and continued to use the door. One day, the door collapsed on my car as I backed out of my garage. Although my car sustained a lot of damage, I was very thankful to be alive. I contacted a garage door specialist the same day. The contractor informed me that my door's springs had given out. After the repairs, the contractor offered sound advice on how to recognize problems in my garage door and what to do about them. I started this blog to help other homeowners stay safe as well. Please, don't ignore your garage's problem, even if it's small.


Knowing When To Replace Or Repair Your Garage Door

There is no set time when you need to replace your garage door, and there are often benefits both to keeping your current setup and getting a new installation. Here are some steps that you can do to make an informed decision about when it's time to replace your garage door.

Keep Track of Your Maintenance Costs

Keep notes of how much time and money you have spent on maintenance each year. An older garage door may have more maintenance needs. The tracks aren't perfectly straight, the fasteners aren't as strong as they used to be; it can all add up to additional refastenings of the garage door, problems with rollers, and other issues that tend to snowball. At some point, getting a refresher by installing a brand new garage door system is one way to relieve yourself of having to consult the user's manual every few months.

See What Other Technologies Are Available

You should also do some research to see what kinds of new overhead door options have emerged since you last got your garage door replaced. For instance, garage door opener technology has changed rapidly. Instead of the clunky old chain drive garage door openers, you could now get a belt drive garage door opener that's almost silent. Direct drive garage door openers are another new opener type that uses a motor to drive the door along its tracks for greater efficiency and speed.

Another important improvement in garage door efficiency is insulated, energy efficient construction. Doors can be made to have a strong outer layer that's resistant to the elements, complemented by a light core that insulates the space. What you spend on getting your garage door upgraded could be well-spent if it saves you money on your heating bill.

Consult a Garage Door Company

Garage door technicians often know about repairing garage doors and also about replacing them completely. So, they are a great resource to consult when you are unsure whether it's time to replace your door. For starters, they can look at your overhead door and give you a maintenance estimate to get your door in great working shape. They can also guide you through a selection of brand new, pre-made or custom garage doors that would fit within your budget. From there, you will have a much better picture of what the benefits and costs of getting set up with a new garage door would be.

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