Garage Door Problems: Learn to Recognize ThemGarage Door Problems: Learn to Recognize Them

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Garage Door Problems: Learn to Recognize Them

If your garage door squeaks, you might think it's nothing to worry about. However, a squeaky garage door can be dangerous, especially if it falls. A year ago, my garage door began to squeak whenever I opened and closed it. I ignored the problem and continued to use the door. One day, the door collapsed on my car as I backed out of my garage. Although my car sustained a lot of damage, I was very thankful to be alive. I contacted a garage door specialist the same day. The contractor informed me that my door's springs had given out. After the repairs, the contractor offered sound advice on how to recognize problems in my garage door and what to do about them. I started this blog to help other homeowners stay safe as well. Please, don't ignore your garage's problem, even if it's small.


Updating Those Old Wooden Garage Doors With New Ones

Garage doors that are made of wood can have a lot of character, but they are also very heavy and don't always work the way they are supposed to. Wooden doors are also notoriously drafty, letting cold air seep through in the winter and hot air in during the summer months. Replacing these old doors with new doors can make your garage doors much easier to use and will look much nicer from the street.

New Doors

When you start considering new garage doors for your home, take a look at the styles available and talk to a garage door installation company about what is available. If you want a door that looks like the older style wooden doors you had on your garage originally, there may very well be a new door that is designed to look like the old style doors. There are many colors and styles available so take your time and find something that fits your home with the design that you are happy with.

Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings

One of the largest benefits to replacing your old wooden garage doors with a newer one is an improvement in energy efficiency. New vinyl doors are typically insulated with foam inside the panels, and if they are installed properly, the seals on the doors will be much tighter, resulting in a decreased cost to heat or cool the garage. Even if you do not heat or cool your garage, the reduction of cold or hot air seeping through the cracks and in the insulated panels will help keep the temperature inside the garage more reasonable on average.

Professional Installation of Your New Doors

Once you have the doors all picked out, consider having a professional install them for you. The door will require some adjustment for them to function properly. A professional garage door installer will have the tools and knowledge to make the adjustments properly much quicker than the average homeowner could. Keep in mind that the springs that assist the door in opening are under a lot of tension and can be dangerous to work with as well. In the long run, it will be worth the money you will spend on installation.

Options For Your New Doors

New doors are great but maybe this is a good time to add a garage door opener with a remote so you don't have to get out in the rain or snow to open your doors. Another great option available in many new doors are windows. Insulated, tempered, and tinted glass allows you to look out from inside while keeping people outside from peering into the garage. Maybe custom hardware to complete the look of your doors is important to you. There are options available there too. Talk to your installer about what options you can add to your new doors.