Garage Door Problems: Learn to Recognize ThemGarage Door Problems: Learn to Recognize Them

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Garage Door Problems: Learn to Recognize Them

If your garage door squeaks, you might think it's nothing to worry about. However, a squeaky garage door can be dangerous, especially if it falls. A year ago, my garage door began to squeak whenever I opened and closed it. I ignored the problem and continued to use the door. One day, the door collapsed on my car as I backed out of my garage. Although my car sustained a lot of damage, I was very thankful to be alive. I contacted a garage door specialist the same day. The contractor informed me that my door's springs had given out. After the repairs, the contractor offered sound advice on how to recognize problems in my garage door and what to do about them. I started this blog to help other homeowners stay safe as well. Please, don't ignore your garage's problem, even if it's small.


Want To Decorate The Holidays With The Right Garage Door? 3 Things To Keep In Mind

If you're somebody that loves getting in the festive spirit with holiday decorations, it's important that you don't forget about all the improvements that you can make with the exterior of your home. If you would like to make changes to the exterior of your home that will look great during the holidays, while also providing other benefits year-round, there's no better place to look than the garage. When you replace the garage door for your home, either due to the old one being outdated or not working well any longer, you should consider the following tips so that it can blend in nicely and won't cause problems for holiday decorating.

Easy to Open and Close Even with Obstructions

Since your holiday decorations are likely going to include additions to the garage door itself, making it important that the design allows it to open and close flawlessly even if there are decorations in the door. Many people don't realize that some garage doors can be difficult to maneuver if there are items placed on it. While your decorations should remain flat, some doors are more suitable for decorations, such as ones that remain one large panel rather than one that folds accordion-style.

Appearance Complements the Rest of Your Home

When you're buying a new garage door, either during the holidays or the rest of the year, it is so important that you select a garage door that fits in with the rest of your home. Many people make the mistake of selecting a garage door during the holidays without considering how it will look during all of the seasons. By being patient and selecting a garage door with the focus on it looking great throughout the year, you can be sure that it turns out great.

Reasonable Price for the Door Itself

When you pick out a new garage door during the holidays, one of your priorities will likely be staying within your budget. You likely have a long list of Christmas gifts you'll be buying, along with preparing for the new year ahead, making it important that you stay reasonable on the cost of the garage door. By being patient and picking out a new garage door with your budget in mind, you can be sure that you don't overspend.

As you prepare for having a new garage door put in, you can start planning how you'll be doing your holiday decorations as well and how they can fit in with the new door.